Web Design & Development

HTML Framework, Conceptual Designs, and Logos

In the beginning, we start the process by conceptualizing the look for your new website.  Like any structure, we need to establish the framework, images and content.  Using your current design as a base or starting fresh is never a problem.

WordPress Conversion, Installation & Template Modifications

Do you want to keep up with the newest in CMS platforms?  We can convert your static website into a WordPress platform without losing the framework or design.  This will also allow you to add new features and set cascading template modifications where a change or update on one page will search and replace the date on your other pages.

FoxyCart Integration & other eCommerce Platforms

FoxyCart is an eCommerce integration for clients who need shopping cart functionality without a new web design.  FoxyCart will integrate with 99% of current platforms on the market.  Using PHP, CSS and MySQL databases, we can work with other eCommerce Platforms within the market.

PHP Customization & API Application Integration

Ideally, this area of work is transparent to a lot of your visitors, but it is a key component to types of functionality within your website.  For example, header sliders can do a lot of tricks and flips, but it requires an understanding of JavaScript and PHP coding to manipulate it.  Another essential is API Integration (Application Programming Interface).  If you want your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to feed into your website, it requires establishing an API connection.  Google Maps is an API platform which requires programming to add addresses for a page or project.