“I have a passion for designing, frame working and creating web strategies for my clients. I truly believe if a product is designed and developed for both the user and business owner, the results are timeless.”

Building a successful website, mobile app or CRM is all about planning, creativity and learning the in’s and out of each client business.  Our company strives to accomplish the goals of our clients effectively and with professionalism.  At MINDFULLDESIGNS, LLC, we put thought into your design.


Web Design & Development

The key to a successful web design is the ability to listen to a client’s needs, transform it into a story and provide a customized and creative business solution. We want to make it easy for users to quickly find what they’re looking for and convert visitors into customers. Our goal is to deliver the best experience and professional product to our clients by designing simple, compelling and functional websites.


SEO Audit & Analysis

Search Engine Optimization starts with knowing where you currently are so you can determine where you want to be. Lack of Social Media associations and local business listings are a few reasons for low traffic footprints on a website. By auditing your website, we provide insight and recommendations of ways to improve your visibility and keyword ranking on the internet.

Mobile Applications

The rise of mobile applications is empowering users with information while providing a new platform for businesses to engage customers. The user experience must be seamless, high performing, fast and responsive. We’ll design and develop your mobile app to respond to user needs and expectations, provide a smooth navigational experience and reflect your brand in look and feel.


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